Thirsty Woman goes looking — for nice, young buyers

Vanessa Lalli Dittenhofer with Re/Max River City tells us that Barry Rumsey and Debra  Mazzoleni have listed the Thirsty Woman in Mosier for sale at $795,000.

The diner, started by Mark Cherniak and Suzi Conklin as the Wildflower Cafe back around 2002, has been the center of Mosier social life, and a good destination for Gorge travelers and cyclists using the Hatfield Twin Tunnels Trail. Leave Hood River, work up an appetite, feed it, bike back. Then take a nap.

A couple of years back, Barry and Deb acquired an adjacent building, and started the Thirsty Woman pub — featuring a broad mix of beers and wines. It’s been hugely popular, with locals and visitors alike.

With their fingers to the pulse of the market, they realized that the casual atmosphere of the pub was where most Mosier diners wanted to be, so they tweaked the menu and brand at what was then the Good River to a more casual dining concept.

Now both facilities are the Thirsty Woman — Big Woman, and Little Woman.

The Little Woman remains open year-round. Mazzoleni says they close the bigger room for the winter, to control costs. It went on hiatus last December, and will re-open for Friday and Saturday dining on April 1. It goes back to a full schedule in May.

“It’s time to downshift,” Mazzoleni says. “Our biggest intention is to remain open, be vibrant, be there for Mosier,” Mazzoleni says.

“This place would rock with a nice, young couple. Chef (Barry) needs to be off the line. He’s planning on going into consulting and retirement. The easiest thing to do is downsize.”

Pass the word to all your friends who want to own a restaurant. The Buzz wishes them the best.


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