three 0 one (Butler Bank building) will host Farmer’s Market, weddings, other events

Signs of the times ... on the revivified Butler Bank Building, reflecting the revivified First National Bank Building across Oak Ave.

As Steffen Lunding continues converting the former city administration building (aka the Butler Bank Building, but what he now calls the three O one building) into a grand space, the key question on his and everyone else’s lips has been: Who can profitably make use of such a large room?

An answer may be at hand. Lunding told the Buzz on Saturday that, for now, he sees the space as a perfect home for large group gatherings. Key phrase: For now.

Lunding says he’s still looking for a long-term tenant, but isn’t interested in having the space sit vacant while he does.

So, events. Lunding has talked with Todd Dierker, organizer of the Gorge Grown Farmer’s Market, about the space hosting growers on First Fridays.

More to the point, however, Lunding has engaged Lucy Gorman of Lucy’s Informal Flowers, Mary Ortega of Mari Bliss Boutique, and Ortega’s daughter, wedding and event planner Mari-Beth Guenther of Gorge Events, to show, book and oversee a variety of events for the space.

Gorman told the Buzz that the space is projected for April completion, but that she and her partners would be happy to begin booking events now for dates beyond the April debut.

“It will be a stunning space,” Gorman says. “I know we could have a beautiful space for dinners, cocktails, a gallery space, and if we put curtains on windows, it could be a stunning movie space.”

The building has been permitted to hold up to 168 people, Lunding says.

Gorman says the rental rate structure hasn’t yet been firmed up. She says her teammates bring complementary skills to the task. Ortega handles printed invitations, decor, linens and settings. Guenther specializes in coordinating the actual event. And Gorman is known locally for her floral arrangements and sense of design.

Interested? Conact Lunding at 541-399-4880 about long-term tenancy, or Gorman at 541-386-3666 about events.

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5 comments on “three 0 one (Butler Bank building) will host Farmer’s Market, weddings, other events
  1. It would be cool to have another event space in town. I certainly see some possibilities. Does the city have a parking requirement for such a downtown use? What is the parking plan? I know Lucy, Mary and Mari-Beth can work magic on just about anything!

    • Good questions, Paige. Other downtown businesses — The Pines and Double Mountain — generate a lot of after-hours traffic, but those are the operative words … after hours. Biggest concern would probably center on day-time uses (i.e. weddings) during summer and peak parking period. Other questions from here (didn’t come to me when we spoke) is what happens when Steffen hooks a long-term tenant — but the space is booked well in advance for special events. Hmmm?

  2. Stu…We have access to the parking behind us at Third and State, tons more at the Court House on evenings, weekends and holidays, shuttles also an option. In regards to event bookings, we honor the booked events. A new tenant won’t be renting on Friday and moving in on the Monday…Steff

  3. Hello Steffen and all in the Hood River community who find themselves reading this post. I am very interested in learning more about this space as LIFE ROCKS might be the entity that will thrive in such a location! We have located numerous possible ‘landing zones’ around town that may work out as the end home for an indoor climbing facility, and it is my hope to explore all options fully before ‘committing’ to anything. So I hope to find out more about the propsect of this space eventually being ‘morphed’ into a climbing facility for our community! All options on the table with extreme flexibility ,cooperation and compromize implied in all regards moving forward. Lets create a community based space for all to enjoy.

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