Landlord says Red Feather Mercantile will close

After more than a decade as one of downtown Hood River’s premier retailers, the Red Feather Mercantile is closing.

Steffen Lunding, a partner in Redtail Holdings, manages the space at 311 Oak Ave. He said a variety of pressing personal matters led Red Feather founders and owners Richard and Linda Templeton to the decision.

“We’re sad to see the Templetons leaving our downtown area,” Lunding said. “They had a big influence on us. They held up our downtown for a long time. They were the first people that really committed to creating a quality retail presence here.”

Key Development created the space, and later sold it to Redtail Holdings in 2007.

“We were just working on a new three-year lease, when Dick and Linda realized they wanted to focus on family,” Lunding says.

The Buzz is hoping to speak with the Templetons to learn more about their decision.

Lunding says he is actively seeking a new tenant. Rent will be $1.25 a square foot triple-net (meaning the renter shares costs of plus their share of insurance, taxes and maintenance) for the downstairs space, and $1 a foot upstairs. Lunding says he would prefer to have one tenant rent the entire space, but is open to renting part of the space, which covers 2,700 square feet downstairs and 600 sf upstairs. He also has a separate 400 sf loft style office available for rent upstairs.

To inquire further, reach Lunding at 541-399-4880.

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