Ogawa buys Crazy Pepper, plans new concept: Wicked … Sushi, Burgers and Bowls

crazy_pepperTommy Ogawa, the nephew of the late Hood River businessman Butch Ogawa, has reached a deal to buy the Crazy Pepper restaurant.

Ogawa will quickly transition the menu to support a space that he says will be called Wicked … Sushi, Burgers and Bowls. Ironically, it will occupy the same space that his uncle’s restaurant, Kanpai, once occupied.

Local commercial real estate broker Greg Colt helped Ogawa find and secure the deal.

Ogawa grew up in the Ontario area, but worked with his uncle during the summers, including one summer at Kanpai. The word “kanpai” is the Japanese equivalent of various familiar words — skoll, prost, cheers, down the hatch — expressed before sipping a favorite beverage.

Before embarking on this Hood River adventure, Ogawa owned and operated Ogawa’s Wicked Sushi, Burgers and Bowls.

He says the menu will keep a few of the Crazy Pepper’s signature dishes, but tilt toward … well, sushi … burgers … and teriyaki rice bowls.

The burgers, he says, will be built from hand-pressed wagyu beef from Snake River Farms in Idaho.

“We’ll do prime rib Friday nights, and will bring on a variety of different styles of burgers,” he says. “We’ll do an edamame burger. We’ll have quite a mix.”

The change of ownership takes place Thursday, Aug. 27. Ogawa plans to close briefly after the end of peak summer season, in October, for two or three days of converting the interior to a more modern decor.

The Buzz was unable to reach the owners of the Crazy Pepper for comment but will update this report after we connect.



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