When the moon hits-a your eye, like a big-a pizza pie … DM tops local faves

The pie you see on Double Mountain's web site, and on many a plate.

The pie you see on Double Mountain’s web site, and on many a plate.

OK, the pizza poll results are in, but before we hand out crowns, let me bend over and moon you all — so you can whack me with a pizza paddle.

Megatissimo apologies for a couple of egregious omissions of the brain-fart variety, and apologies to the proprietors. No diss intended, to forget including Sawtooth Roadhouse (“You left out the Sawtooth Roadhouse which I would have ranked FIRST. If you have never had pizza there, make a point of it,” one reader wrote).and Mosier’s Rack & Cloth in the list of pizza places.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been up to the Roadhouse, but a visit last summer to Rack & Cloth left me and the missuz duly impressed.

In any case, SurveyMonkey cuts you off at 100 in its free survey platform, but that got us a pretty clear weighting of local faves..

The winner? Double Mountain, with 34 first place votes, and 68 votes for one of the top 3 places.

One reader, on his DM vote, wrote: “Actually, I really only like Double Mountain but will tolerate the other 2 (Solstice and Beneventi’s). I’m a pizza snob from Chicago. I like DM’s best since they don’t try to make them overly fancy with odd toppings and their crust is decent.”

Let’s talk about numbers for a sec. Looking at the results in SurveyMonkey’s tally, you see percentages that don’t square with the vote. That’s because some respondents didn’t rank all the places on the list — the just picked their top few favorites, and bailed. That would tend to over-weight their rankings..

Others ranked the 10 listed (again, sorry there weren’t two more in the list) sequentially, top to bottom. So those places got more total votes, but votes in the lower levels could drag down the percentages for the top levels.

So, it made sense to us here at Statistics Central to look at total votes for the top three places, and toss out everything below that. We wanted to know your top three, after all.

Behind DM, Solstice had 25 first place votes and 62 total to finish second. One reader commented, “Think place in Mosier (uh, that would be Rack & Cloth) should be on here too. That would’ve my 2nd or 3rd.”

Another offered a more qualitative assessment, noting “Yummy, creative, consistently delicious! Local ingredients and locally owned.”

And in third, well, it gets tricky here. Andrew’s Pizza had six first place votes and 41 total. One reader said: “Andrews – I love being able to grab a few slices of pie and watch a movie at the same time. Also, the owner is top notch and I’ve always received friendly customer service when I’ve gone there for a movie.”

Papa Murphy’s had 13 for first and 24 total for the top-3.

Cual es mas macho? Papa o Andrew? Andrew o Pap? You decide.

One respondent who tilted the Papa way wrote: “I get pizza for movie night or football at home. Pizza is not my choice when I eat out. Pietro’s is only on the list because we do parties their for kids.”

Pelenti’s (18), Beneventi’s (17; “Because they are the best pizza and are not all wrapped up in telling us what their politics are”), Focolare (17; “Reminds me of pizza back east”), and Pioneer (15) had their fans.

Bottom line? Go now, directly and without delay, to Sawtooth Roadhouse and Rack & Cloth and order a pizza. Why? Because something tells us they’re both contenders.

Or follow the advice of a fan of Papa Murphy’s Pietro’s and Domino’s: “Variety, not too expensive, hands on (bake myself). Good home delivery also. Not so many tourists to deal with in the summer months that you have to wait an hour to find a place to sit & then another hour to get a server’s attention & then get cold pizza & have to send it back to be ‘nuked’ & tough.”

Ouch. Tough crowd out there.

Thanks, everyone, for weighing in.

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