Property management arm aims to put quality tenants in quality homes

Rick Pauly and Kim Salvesen of Windermere Property Management

Rick Pauly and Kim Salvesen-Pauly of Windermere Property Management

Hoping to bridge the gap between a growing number of investors and the increasing appetite for rental properties, the recently expanded Windermere Property Management arm has embraced a big growth agenda.

Partners in life and now partners in business, co-owners Rick Pauly and Kim Salvesen believe an expanded property management presence is a perfect complement for the real estate sales side of the Windermere presence in the Gorge.

Salvesen-Pauly, designated broker for Windermere’s five offices in the Gorge, says they hope to build their presence on client service, prompt and responsive communication.

“This can be a huge service to clients who buy investment property through us, and can meet us and see first-hand how things get handled,” Salvesen-Pauly says.

Pauly, who comes from a long financial investment background, and an assistant will manage the rental portfolio for now. They handle property management out of offices in The Dalles, Hood River, Stevenson and Bingen.

“We want to have mid- to high-quality homes so we can have mid- to high-quality renters,” Pauly says. “Our goal is to protect the homeowner.”

A big chunk of the rental portfolio came to the fold after acquisition earlier this year of Property Management The Gorge, started and run in affiliation with Windermere for the last four years by Suzanne Maurer.

The move follows strong encouragement from regional Windermere officials for local operators to enhance revenues through property management.

Married a year now, the couple saw the potential for property management when they met people who were looking for rentals, but couldn’t get their calls returned.

“The market is so tough for rentals, with pricing and availability,” Pauly says. “It used to take days to complete and application and screening. We can do that in a couple of days.”

They have added eight homes to a rental pool of 32 properties since the first of the year. Their goal, to hit 100 properties by year’s end and add that many more for each of the next four years.

“Our goal is to add new property management staff every 75 doors,” Salvesen-Pauly says.

If you need property management, or are looking for a rental, one number to call is 541-386-RENT.

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