Broder Øst will deliver Swedish menu to Hood River Hotel dining room

Chad Hinman in the midst of remodeling at the Hood River Hotel, for what will emerge as Broder Ost.

Chad Hinman in the midst of remodeling at the Hood River Hotel, for what will emerge as Broder Ost.

Oh, Broder, where art thou?

At the Hood River Hotel, actually. Broder (with a capital B) is both the Swedish word for “brother,” and the brand for a popular Portland breakfast concept with three locations there, and sometime around May 1, a related Hood River outpost.

If you’ve wondered about all the demo and dust emerging from the space once home to Pasquale’s Ristorante and Cornerstone Cuisine at the Hood River Hotel, know this — it’s but prelude to a new look and a new menu with a distinctly Swedish inflection.

The new dining destination will be called Broder Øst (pronounced ‘irst’).

Gently guiding the new space to launch, Chad Hinman draws on four years as manager of the original Broder location, Broder Clinton. Other sites include Broder Nord and Broder Soder.

Hinman is licensing brand affiliation from the group’s founder, Peter Bro. He started the first Broder in 2007, next to the popular Savoy Tavern on Clinton Street in southeast Portland.

Hinman grew up in the Gorge, son of Chuck and Camille Hinman. Chuck is general manager of the Best Western Hood River Inn. Camille taught art and now provides interior design and custom framing through The Scheme of Things.

After following his mom’s lead to a degree in animation and sculpture from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Chad focused on the art of food. With the blessing of Broder’s head chef, Daniel Oseas, Hinman has lured another Broder cook, Burt Hissong, to helm the kitchen at Broder Øst.

“It’ll be a similar menu,” Hinman says, describing it as “approachable traditional Swedish cuisine.”

That will include such (perhaps) familiar creations as Aebleskivers (Danish pancakes) and Swedish meatballs (“Better than IKEA,” Chad says, in answer to a joshing question).

Look also for lots of eggs, along with gravlax (cured salmon), and options more in line with lunch thinking.

“Everything on the menu will be available all day,” Hinman says.

Hours to start will be 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., perhaps tilting earlier if demand justifies it. And as summer approaches, Hinman says he hopes to push closing past the dinner hour.

While the conversion of the Hotel’s dining room continues, Hinman is advertising for other help — both front and back of the house. Call him at 509-637-4549.


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