Chemistry Jewelry takes over where Silverado left off

Christine and Michael Barthmus in front of their "new" old jewelry store -- same place, but now with a fresh look at doing business as Chemistry Jewelry.

Christine and Michael Barthmus in front of their “new” old jewelry store — same place, but now with a fresh look at doing business as Chemistry Jewelry.

Just in time for Santa’s roll down Oak Street, Christine and Michael Barthmus have put a new, personal and distinct look on their downtown jewelry store, the store formerly known as Silverado, but from today onward known as Chemistry Jewelry.

In a media release, the couple mention how they wanted to chart a distinct direction after years of affiliation with the Silverado in Bend. Michael explains that Silverado started in Hood River, 18 years ago, then expanded to two more outlets on the East Coast, and Oregon stores in Portland and Bend.

“They were all mostly operated independently, but the Hood River and Bend stores continued to market themselves together with a shared website and social media, even after we purchased the store in 2009,” Michael says.

Michael says the Silverado brand will continue to exist at the Bend store.

“Over the years, each gallery has progressed a little differently,” Christine says. “Chemistry Jewelry represents who we’ve become here in Hood River.”

She said they are excited to craft their new identity, while maintaining a local focus.

After a two-day closure to revamp the store’s look, it reopened Thursday with a more modern sheen, locally crafted display cases and wood colors. Michael said the name reflects both personal chemistry and the chemistry in jewelry’s blend of precious metals.

Inventory will continue to feature designs ranging in style from the classic to the contemporary. Silverado has featured hand-made work with an ecological consciousness, and Chemistry Jewelry’s principals hope to continue searching for people who share that ethic.

Christine says customers can still expect to find designs that shine in the outdoors, not just in the jewelry case.

Michael says they are trying to make appropriate use of social media. Instagram, he says, has been a huge opportunity to show the store’s jewelry. When someone sees something they like, it takes only a simple phone call to lock down ownership.

Other improvements are under consideration. Stay tuned.

It’s not live yet, but look soon for a new virtual storefront under the new brand:

Speaking of Santa (up there, at the top of this story), the annual holiday parade and tree lighting takes place this evening (Friday, Dec. 2) along Oak Street, and wrapping up at Overlook Memorial Park at State and Second streets.

Please note that side streets connecting with Oak will be closed prior to the parade (beginning at 5 p.m.). Plan travel and parking accordingly. The parade starts at 6.


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