More new businesses prepare to launch into Hood River stride-o-sphere

OK, sports fans, here’s the latest listing of new business filings with the state of Oregon’s Secretary of State. These filings were for the month of November (sorry for the vacation-related delay).

The Buzz welcomes additional information from the business owners. In the meantime, enjoy the browse, and look for these enterprises arriving … somewhere, near you.

  • Ross Steffey Photography, Carolyn Smale
  • Spa Remedease LLC, Martina Rizzo
  • Fenner Family Ventures
  • Country Club Horse Stables, Cathy Frazier
  • DWR Management, Douglas Roof
  • Groen Investment Group
  • Farm Spirit Beauty, LLC
  • Edginton Properties LLC, Jenna Edginton
  • Westcliff Lodge, Grant Polson
  • Fancy Flavors, Judy Mason
  • Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty, Samatha Rodgers
  • Columbia Gorge Trail Dogs, Joe Morgan
  • McCarthy Law LLC, Staci McCarthy
  • Fiddle Farms LLC, Jeffrey Jerome
  • Hood River Industries LLC, David Gilbert
  • No Sweat Global LLC
  • Marques Lang LLC
  • Soco Honey
  • Hood River Painting LLC
  • Child Beyond International
  • Big Dog Bigger Dogs, Rhonda Marlnee
  • Trinity Distribution, Matthew Meyers
  • Control Fire Systems Company, Bill Kroeger
  • The Truck Depot LLC, Howard Houston
  • Bikabout LLC, Megan Ramey
  • RPS Shergill M.D., Ravender Shergill
  • VAI Investments LLC, Veronica Irle
  • Riparian Maid Orchards, David Evans
  • WLB Inc., Wendy Boglioli
  • Cosmic Murals LLC, Crispin Young Wilson
  • Southpoint LLC,
  • Rockford Consulting, Margaret Gibson







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