Group urges business support for climate change controls

The Citizens Climate Lobby is organizing a letter campaign by businesses in the 2nd Congressional District, to pressure Rep. Greg Walden to support stronger efforts against climate change.

They encourage interested businesses to download a copy of the letter, read, sign and return it to Sherrill Rinehart, 448 Tucker St., Ashland, OR 97520.

Or, scan the letter and e-mail it.

Second District volunteer Leanne Hogie of Hood River says climate change threatens the fundamental basis of Oregon’s magnificent quality of life, and the resources on which we all depend for our livelihoods.

She says the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, a network of 150 researchers from Oregon universities and other state and federal labs, predicts temperatures in Oregon will increase 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the 2050s if we do nothing to stop documented warming trends.

Hogie says a dramatically warmer climate will mean less snow, drier soils, forests more vulnerable to insect attacks and catastrophic fires, and less water for irrigation of the region’s noted orchard and vineyard crops.

She notes that the travel, leisure and recreation economy of the Pacific Northwest will be greatly altered by such dramatic warming. Effects range from reduced or non-existent snow packs for skiers, lower summer river flows for rafters and windsurfers, and summer temperatures that greatly reduce human ability to actively engage with the varied outdoors environments of the region.

“Investing now to avoid the damaging effects of future climate change makes economic sense” Hogie says.

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