Election results … including a seismic shift

Votes from the May 16 local election have been tallied in Hood River and Wasco counties. Below are results in some of the key elections on the ballot, plus links to the total results from each county so you can explore further on your own.

The major news from Wasco County, which will affect residents of Hood River County, is a clean sweep by four challengers to four incumbents on the Columbia Gorge Community College board.

Three of those board members were on the board in 2001 when it approved a plan to allocate 4 of the 7 board seats to Wasco county should voters in Wasco and Hood River counties support annexation of Hood River county to the college district. The fourth was appointed last year after the death of another board member who supported that 2001 decision.

In November 2001, Hood River County agreed to join the college district and take on a property tax levy of 27 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

(Full disclosure: Your editor represents Hood River County on the board, so has generally refrained here from reporting on college board issues to avoid claims of bias or conflict of interest.)

The four challengers in this spring’s vote — Sarah Segal, Dana Campbell, Kevin McCabe and Kim Morgan — unified behind a “change” agenda. Campbell, Morgan and Segal, who teaches in Hood River, live in The Dalles. McCabe, who works in Hood River, lives in Mosier.

Results from their races:

Columbia Gorge Community College Board of Education

Position 1

  • Sarah Segal — 1,158 (36.6%)
  • Carmen Gamez — 963 (30.48%)
  • Monty Wilcox — 1,025 (34.25%)

Position 2

  • Dana Campbell — 1,779 (54.4%)
  • James Willcox — 1,478 (45.2%)

Position 5

  • Kim Morgan — 1,785 (54.5%)
  • Ernie Keller — 1,475 (45%)

Position 7

  • Kevin McCabe — 1,623 (52.2)
  • Charleen Cobb — 1,469 (47.27%)

Here are the apparent winners in several key Hood River County races. Clear winners shown, multiple candidates when race is close.

Hood River County Transportation District

  • (four positions) Mark Reynolds, Marbe Cook, Leanne Hogie and Effie Mooney
  • (two 2-year positions) Bobbi Reisner, Theresa North

School Board at-large: Rich Truax

School Board Pos. 2 — Benjamin Sheppard 322, David Russo 316

School Board Pos. 3 (unexpired 2-year term) – Corinda Hankins-Elliott

School Board Pos. 4 – (unopposed) Julia Garcia Ramirez

School Board Pos. 5 – (unopposed) Mark Johnson

Hood River Library District (top 3 of 4) — Megan Janik, Karen Bureker, Sara Marsden.

HRV Parks & Rec (2 positions) — Anna Cavaleri, Nan Noteboom

Port of Hood River Pos. 1 – Ben Sheppard

Port of Hood River Pos. 2 – John Everitt 1,169, Svea Truax 1,167

Port of Hood River Pos. 3 – Dave Meriwether






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