Crashed by a pernicious barrage of bothersome bots

Apologies, readers, for a sudden surge in e-mail notification about posts to the site over the last several months.

Why did this happen? Think constipation. We had used a fairly liberal setting for the e-mail utility that we use at the Buzz to notify you when there is a new post.

As a result, all sorts of automated registration bots were signing up for notice. They were using e-mail addresses in Russia and Thailand and other places where we know not a soul.

And, of course, we knew not a thing about this mischief until the number of bogus registrants topped 5,000, and the site host said “Enough!” — and shut us down.

So, after killing all those knot-head addresses from our files, and tightening up the registration process so everyone has to confirm signing up, the Buzz returned to life — and our e-mail plug-in decided to disgorge itself of all the backed-up e-mails … about news that was new at the time these e-mails became constipated, but isn’t now.

Anyway, hope this explanation reaches you real readers (and no bots) sometime around June 24, 2017.

So, again, so sorry about the weirdness, but we’re sure you’ll understand. After all, it IS the inter-webs.



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