Who’s new (or about to be) in the Hood’s business scene

Here they are, folks, the latest new business filings for Hood River (from May, 2017). I missed a month or two this spring, tied up with an interim job, so apologies to those who filed new business registrations with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporations Division for March and April; you escaped our attention.

  • Another Vintage Day, Bernard Trotebas
  • Hi-Torque Performance, Ethan Lucas
  • Enerstructa, Laura Klement
  • Over the River, Melissa Gardner
  • Buzzed Boutique, Angela Stepina
  • SBJM, Jeffrey Burns
  • Colubia Gorge Crystal Waters & Intuitive Arts, Kevin Chapman
  • Sanders Investments, Christin Sanders
  • IBLV, Chino Barajas
  • Brush with Life Studio / Gallery, Ali Hilden
  • Scissors Rock Paper, Ali Hilden
  • Made In the Columbia River Gorge, Ali Hilden
  • Twelfth Street Apartments, Richard Smith
  • Tony’s Tires, Juan Gonzalez
  • Little Splashes Swim School, Hannah Freeman
  • Metrognome, Ryan Brevard
  • Right Size Security Solutions, Samuel Huckeba
  • Ingrid Princess Yacht Charters
  • Coarbo, Tim Arbogast
  • The Spiderweb Collection, Mark Brennan
  • Manos Maya Massage, Maria Ancheita
  • Hood River Residential, Kenn Francis
  • The Cottage Can, William Bibbo
  • E4 Brokerage, Mike Schend
  • Gorge Ice Cream
  • Comfort Starr Farms, Sarah Starr
  • Windy City Homes, Stephanie Arbogast
  • Sunstone Counseling Arts, Mary Stull
  • Gorge Precision Building, Bradley Gearhart
  • Trinity Research Institute, Stephanie Going
  • Ever Summer Gardens, Mark Barton
  • Miller & Son Window Cleaning, Kip Miller
  • Bahn Camper Works
  • Steve Benton Holding, Steve Benton
  • Honeybee Development, Robert Benton
  • Ang Towing, Fernando Angulo



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