College class series teaches positive thinking skills

Tired of the avalanche of negatives that seem to bury your soul?

Well, now you can learn to put yourself in a more positive mental space — through a new series of community education classes offered by Columbia Gorge Community College.

“Personal wellness is a high priority for many Gorge residents, and the college wants to respond to this interest,” says Suzanne Burd, community education coordinator at the college.

“Evolutionary psychology informs us that modern humans are predisposed to over-focus on the bad, exaggerate threats, and be easily susceptible to anxiety, self-doubt, and judgement of ourselves and others.”

The good news, she says, is that we can learn simple techniques to tilt the brain toward the positive, and enhance our sense of happiness.

Burd says the new Inner Strengths courses cover topics such as self-compassion and growing grit.

Taught by Ellen Donoghue, PhD, the first course on “Growing Grit,” begins July 5 and runs for four weeks, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the CGCC Hood River campus

Cultivating self-compassion and learning skills to silence a harsh inner-critic is the focus of a four-week series running Thursday evenings in August.

And, a Saturday afternoon workshop on August 5 explores teachings and practices to help us overcome negativity and cultivate inner strengths.

For details and registration, call (541) 506-6011 or visit the college web site for scheduling information.

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