Forum to bring mix of perspectives to discussion of Westside planning

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If you’ve been following the letters in the local paper, you know that the flames of panic and opposition are focused now on the Hood River Area Westside Concept Plan.

To help bring some calm and objectivity to the discussion, Livable Hood River and the Hood River Valley Residents Committee are bringing representatives of six different local constituencies into a public forum at the Columbia Center for the Arts on Wednesday, July 26.

Speakers include:

  • Heather Staten, Hood River Valley Residents Committee, Overview of Westside Area Project and Process
  • Joel Madsen, Mid Columbia Housing Authority
  • Mike Kitts, local developer
  • Mark Hickok, Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation
  • Bonnie New, Aging in the Gorge Alliance, to discuss land use and transportation for seniors
  • Megan Ramey and Jonathan Graca– Bike/Ped and multi-modal transportation planning

Tina Lassen, with LHR, says organizers may also add a representative from Citizens for Responsible Development, a group that recently formed in opposition to the city’s plan.

The forum starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Columbia Center for the Arts. Follow the link in the first paragraph to do a deeper dive into the resource materials that cover community planning to date.

Heather Staten, with the Residents’ Committee, encourages people interested in the plan and growth of the city to take a brief survey.

“We’ll be sending the results to the City so that they can make sure their communications and planning effort are responsive to the public’s main concerns,” Staten says.

Use the Project Documents link and then the various links to framework maps to get a big picture of how the city and its advisers are thinking about a variety of uses in this area as the city grows during the next couple of decades, and tries to address its housing affordability challenges.

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