Fire info …

We’re all struggling with the smoke and distress over the destruction from the fires to our west, and balancing a welter of emotions — anxiety at what the fire and weather might conspire to do, and huge gratitude to the hundreds of people trying to bring it under control.

It’s hard to go on with normal during this time, so we won’t pretend to. Until further notice, I’ll use this channel to share information as it comes to me about ways we all can be safe, and help out.

The best site for official reports on status and progress of control efforts? My fave is InciWeb , an aggregation of links to fires all over the west. Current link to latest from Eagle Creek – Indian Creek merged fire is here

State Route 14 was passable and worked fine on Tuesday. Check Washington Department of Transportation web site for travel alerts and SR 14 status before you go. Remember, don’t stop along shoulders to gawk and take photos. And no trucks. They mean it. Highway workers diverted a semi in front of us trying to head east from Washougal at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Conversely, Oregon DOT TripCheck has latest on status of I-84 (closed currently) between Troutdale and Hood River.

If you’re involved in any relief efforts, feel free to share information through this site about how people can donated money, supplies or time.

Pray for rain.





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