Want to drive a drone? Aero Drone in Tygh Valley will teach you

A few months back, a neighbor kid landed his quad-copter on my roof — by accident. He and his Big Brother could see it — they just couldn’t get it down without my help with a broom handle extended out the upstairs bathroom window.

That’s the low-tech solution to retrieving a drone gone AWOL. The folks out at Aero Drone Corporation (A/D) in Tygh Valley (along Oregon 197 south of Dufur) are offering more sophisticated solutions to flying more sophisticated drones.

According to a recent media release, they are rolling out two Academy Professional Series classes this fall, which “provide emerging drone professionals with six full days of total immersion training.”

The classes include FAA Part 107 training and certification, along with key commercial drone competencies, including: introduction to aerial cinematography; editing and developing aerial cinematography reels; utilizing UAS (drones) in business applications; career opportunities; enhancing company safety and efficiency though UAS; and hands-on flight training in Class G airspace.

“Our immersive approach to training provides a more hands-on experience than most training programs,” says Russ Hargrave, Aero Drone CEO Russ Hargrave, “and our partnership with the Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) allows local students access to some of the curriculum.”

Mary Kramer, Director of Career and Technical Education at CGCC, said the college offered an overview class for credit this summer. The expanded series is included with non-credit classes in its fall course listings.

“We’ve been really impressed with the caliber of the instructors and the class materials Aero Drone Academy provides. Our partnership with Aero Drone enables our students to learn about the frontier market of drones from professional pilots in a safe setting where real exploration and learning is possible.”

Full Program includes complete instruction and all course materials, transportation, comfortable lodging on site, all catered meals, and a wine social.

The first Professional Series 1 (PS-1) class this fall will take place Oct. 16-21. The second PS-1 class will be held Nov. 13-18.

Aero Drone Academy provides Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) educational classes and flight training for professional drone pilots. Classes are held on more than 9 square miles of outdoor flight testing grounds in Class G airspace.

For more information, contact Scott Farrell by e-mail or calling 866-232-4022.


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