Here’s who’s hopping into the business arena

That craziness with the fires (and time away) prevented us from capturing the August business filings in Hood River county, so we’re catching you up here on the September filings with the state Corporations Division.

This list is meant only to give you a high-level preview of who’s planning what. Whether they ever actually open doors or pursue the dream is another matter altogether. If you’re associated with any of these enterprises, feel free to contact us with more information. We’ll try to share.

Here we go …

  • Lake Creek LLC, Elizabeth Foster
  • Amber’s Hood to Hills, Amberlee Shewey
  • Goldenroots, Melanie Noble
  • Louanna, LLC, James Kimball
  • Gorge City, Sean Desmond
  • Storybook Glade, Jeffrey Buuck
  • 8 Rivers LLC, Michele Bishai
  • Sea to Sage LLC, Katherine Sealey
  • Rural Craft Revival
  • Home 4 U, Robert Abercrombie
  • Pepe’s Salsa, James Brown
  • Columbia Iron and Electric (dba McGehee Iron and
    Electric; learn more here), Stephen McGehee
  • Art Circle Art Center, Michelle Yamamoto
  • National Hat Museum, Bernard Trotebas
  • Sunyatic Expressions, Casey Peifer



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