Mark Johnson to leave Legislature, head up Oregon Business and Industry

In case you hadn’t heard or read elsewhere, state Rep. Mark  Johnson, R-Hood River, is stepping out of his legislative post to take on executive leadership of a new statewide business group.

Here’s a clip from his message in a newsletter note that arrived Wednesday:

“Since being first elected back in 2010, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish and contribute to the legislative process.

“Recently, another service opportunity has come my way. I was recently hired as the President and CEO of Oregon Business and Industry. OBI is the largest business association in Oregon and represents over 1,600 businesses, from major international corporations to small businesses throughout our state. I chose to take this position because of many of the same reasons that I originally ran for the Oregon House–my concern for our state and the need for Oregon’s businesses to have a stronger voice. I believe my time in the Legislature has prepared me to provide the leadership that OBI needs at this time and I’m looking forward to this new challenge.

“Because of this new opportunity, I will be resigning my seat in the legislature in the next few weeks. After the resignation, an appointment process outlined in state law will begin to choose my replacement. I plan to be actively involved in that process to ensure that the appointed Representative is prepared and that the people of House District will be well served.”

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