Good Medicine, Free Pantry bring new twists to a familiar corner

Katie Roof and her Free Little Pantry outside the Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts

Katie Roof and her Free Little Pantry outside the Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts

Slight but significant change is taking place in the big house at the corner of 11th and May Streets.

The Good Medicine Tea Lounge has transformed into Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts.

And outside, people in need of a quick and simple supply solution canĀ find it inside the first of what may become a network of Free Little Pantry boxes.

The “new” Good Medicine, according to Abby Kenny, is “a space for the community to offer classes, workshops, and events.”

Currently, she says, a variety of classes are offered each week, including Morning Meditation, A Course in Miracles, Community Acupuncture, Energy Medicine Yoga, Breathwork, Elixir & Asana yoga and Song Circles.

No longer a retail store selling brewed tea, the store still sells leaf tea for purchase online with the option for local pick up at Good Medicine.

Modeled on the Free Little Library book exchange boxes spotted around town, the Pantry concept jumped into occupational therapist Katie Roof’s mind one day after walking past one of the library boxes with her son, Milo, 7, and then noting a Facebook post about someone’s pantry project.

“It was like the universe was staring at me,” she says.

Milo and his dad, Dylan, teamed up to build the box and install it. The next day, Katie stocked it with some basics. Katie then shared news of the project via Facebook, and got a lot of “shares.”

She says it’s still too early for her to have any sense of how it’s being used, but she knows it is.

“Anybody can take stuff from it, and anybody can put stuff in,” she says.

She noticed that diapers, peanut butter and toothpaste seemed to leave the box fairly quickly.

“I’m going to watch it, and put a note pad inside asking ‘What do you need?'” she says.

She says Randy and Nicole Goetz, owners of Good Medicine, saw it as a natural extension of their business concept and offered to host it.

“Every time I come by, there’s more stuff in there,” Roof says. “Somebody put some FISH (food bank) flyers in there.”

She says the goal is for the community to support it, and add other similar outposts around town.

“Who knows if somebody is building one in their garage right now,” she says.

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