Time to think about future

Dear Readers,

If you’ve visited this site in recent weeks, you may have noticed the lack of fresh material.

If you rely on e-mail notice, you may have wondered why there’s been no “news” in your Inbox.

So, why?

Simple. After 10 years of feeding this beast with free labor and energy, it’s time to pull back and think about the future.

Maybe this is the end.

Maybe not. Emerging technologies might allow the Buzz to return as a business newsletter (as the web site is now), or as a newsletter that covers more about the Gorge.

If it returns in any form, however, it will need to pay its way, and that means readers will need to buy a modest subscription.

Before we jump off that bridge, we need to figure out if you, our existing readers, would pay for professional, experienced, issue-driven reporting.

Longtime readers know this is where you’ve gotten the good stuff, first. The federal case against the owner of the former Big Gym. State claims of financial fraud by a local child care provider. The bankruptcy of a local maritime outfitter. New development planning. Land-use violations by local property owners. Sale of landmark buildings. New business registrations.

New and unreported subjects abound, including:

  • The envisioned creation of a new city to the west of Hood River.
  • The rise and fall of a million-dollar local nonprofit.
  • Traffic in Hood River and its horror intersections.
  • Planning for Westside growth.
  • Sales (or other) taxes in Hood River County.
  • Property tax loss because of nonprofit expansion.
  • Parks and recreation planning.
  • Gorge medical care — and who wins, and who loses

Would you please take the short four-question survey, below, to help us make our decision?

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