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  1. 1801 Cascde Ave. H.River, the old Cascade Market.

    Empty building here now for years, even before economy tanked.

    Not stimulating to the economy.
    Not a good visual mesage to locals and visitors.

    What’s up, who owns it? Public wants to know Biz Buzz.


    • Owner is Hoby Streich, who also owns the car wash next door, and the new one in The Dalles near Home Depot. We’ve sent him a note to see if he has plans.

  2. There is a really good article in the June ’11 issue of Smithsonian about the history of the “Drones” here in the Gorge……..titled “Ready for Takeoff”.

  3. I have reservations about those huge garbage bins as seen in Portland. Many homes have no place to put them out of site. They are such unsightly gigantic plastic boxes that conveniences the trash collectors but create problems for the homeowner. And if you are past the child stage and are a one or two person household, it is a gigantic overkill. With more people consciously reducing their waste, is there a better answer?

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