Hood River County Transportation Dist.

Jake Bolland

jake_bollandI grew up in Eastern Washington and went on to study at Eastern Oregon University and received my degree from Washington State University. Following school, the opportunity to relocate careers in Hood River presented itself in the spring of 2009 where my wife and I quickly realized we were Oregonians; Hood River is going to be home. Our family has since grown by two which has furthered our investment in the Hood River community.

I developed a desire to participate as a community member. It is my belief that those with the wherewithal should be stewards of the community by engaging in county matters, elections and activities. Residents with the resources should seek opportunities to donate time, money, skill, knowledge and effort towards an inclusive local society.

I believe we need members of all backgrounds in community positions to represent the diversity of our county who are unencumbered to political or commercial gain. Specifically, we need representatives that can see all angles of the challenges we face to facilitate the best solutions. Representatives need to be open-minded but diligent to communicating differing perspectives.

Vocationally, I have practiced as a CPA and later in leadership positions. These experiences have allowed me to understand the importance of gathering information/data through listening and observing to arrive at decisions that will advance developed strategies while positively impacting the greater constituents. I have learned to engage in healthy debate as the best means to gain perspective that ultimately lead to good decision making.

Leanne Hogie



I’m running for the Hood River County Transportation District because I think we have reached a point in the valley where, due to increased population and tourism, more public transportation is not only needed, but also can be very effective.

Since I moved here in 2010, I’ve noticed a marked increase in traffic congestion, particularly in the summer. Fixed bus routes and a seasonal trolley loop downtown could be part of the solution.

In my professional past I have a M.S. in Agricultural Economics and worked for over 20 years for the USDA, analyzing international agricultural production, supply, demand and trade flows and disputes.

I plan to bring my analytical and problem solving skills to understanding our current public transportation situation and examining and developing options for what changes we can make. I believe we can, and should, have a greater variety of transportation options in the Hood River Valley and the Columbia Gorge to make it easier and more efficient for all of us to navigate our way around this beautiful place.

I’m also fluent in Spanish and welcome the opportunity to use those skills to make sure our new transportation options also serve our Hispanic community.

Mark Reynolds

Transportation is an essential public service. Many people in Hood River County and the Gorge depend on public transportation to reach doctor’s appointments, work, and shopping.

Columbia Area Transit is making strategic efforts to provide fixed route services in the Gorge and to expand beyond its “Dial a Ride” status. I want to be involved in the development of public transportation services in the Gorge to serve rural, recreational, and underserved populations.

I am a lifelong resident of the Columbia Gorge and live near Odell with my wife, Mary. Our daughter, Rose, is a third-grade teacher in The Dalles.

I taught English, Social Studies, and English as a second language at Hood River Valley High School and Cascade High School before retiring in 2015. Previously, I coordinated migrant, after school, and English Learners programs in rural Wasco County, and served on the Wasco County Commission for Children and Families and the Migrant Education Committee of Practitioners. In 2016, I ran for State Representative in House District 52, which includes Hood River County.

My background working with rural and underserved populations will inform my focus, as we work to expand public transportation options in Hood River County and the Columbia Gorge.

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